Physical-chemical Modification of Water Through Remote Intention

" Over the years a number of researchers have tried to demonstrate that it is possible to modify matter (such as water, DNA, EEG, heartbeat, random number generator (REG), etc.) through consciousness. In this work a group of about 100 people has been set up to demonstrate the effects of thought over matter. They all belong to the Consciousness Research Institute (IRC) and they have interacted at a distance with a sample of water coming from Ronciglione/Viterbo (Di Grazia method (1)), obtaining significant modifications of the chemical-physical nature of water (-4, 83; -16,43%), demonstrating the theory of “NONLOCALITY” between the intention produced by the group and the effects on the physico-chemical nature of water." {Credits 1}

{Credits 1} 🎪 Ezio Gagliardi et al. 2018, Physical-Chemical Modification of Water Through Remote Intention. Int J Recent Sci Res. 9(4), pp. 25576-25578. DOI: © 2018 Ezio Gagliardi et al. This is an Open Access article under the Creative Commons Attribution License.

Last modified on 14-Feb-20

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