Experimental Data Demostrating Augmentation of Ambient Gravitational and Geomagnetic Fields

Environmental geomagnetic intensity and variations are measured (also gravitational force) when 10 days of advanced meditation training occurred in Yelm, and compared to control and no sesion days/hours. In respect to the geomagnetic activity repetitious yet interesting patterns were consistently collected during periodic group discipline sessions, indicating a possible underlying patterns.

The geomagnetic environment fluctuate (as a sine wave) along all session duration, and also is significantly augmented compared to baseline control, the pattern coincide when during sessions (of various hours) the group start or stop concrete meditative activity.

Also they do measures of gravitational force and this clearly drop during the group sessions (and recover the normal values some minutes before the session finished and people back to normal mental states, in other measures (in laboratory) with no meditation or focused intention the gravitational force augment.

Last modified on 10-Apr-16

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