Water Memory Due to Chains of Nano-Pearls

" Biologically active molecules create substitutes in liquid water by forming single-domain ferroelectric crystallites. These nanoparticles are spherical and constitute growing chains. The dipoles are aligned, but can be set in oscillation at the frequency of vibration of the charged part of active molecules. They are then automatically trimmed and become information carriers. Moreover, they produce an oscillating electric field, causing autocatalytic multiplication of identical chains in the course of successive dilutions. Active molecules are thus only required to initiate this process. Normally, they excite their specific receptors by resonance, but trimmed chains have the same effect. This theory is confirmed by many measurements." {Credits 1}

It's a novel and alternative theory, of water memory as a consequence of electromagnetic interactions, that proposes, in an extended argumentary, an alternative form of water structures that differ from that of "coherence domains" (a concept that has its own section in this web here) and critiquizing it (it will be interesting if the "coherence domains" proponents respond to these critiques).

The theory, applied to the biological efficiency of high dilutions, also has some consequences to biology in general (apart from water, that is not small) aas of water must be mimicking the electromagnetic interactions between biomolecules when it's affecting receptors, they write:

" The assumption that molecular interactions are only possible according to the “key and slot model” of chemical reactions is not correct. Biologically active molecules can also interact with their specific receptors by means of oscillating electric fields and resonances." {Credits 1}

In this sense there can be mentionable, although they have different theoretical backgrounds, the Resonant Recognition Model of electromagnetic interactions among biomolecules and other similar propositions that are at play, since the high efficiency and rapidity of the encounters between cognate partners of biochemical reactions inside living cells calls for a more convincing explanation with respect to purely thermal-fluctuations-driven random walk, and in various researches like in [1] has been surmised that a suitable interplay between Brownian diffusion and selective electrodynamic interactions acting at a long distance (up to thousands Angstroms) could make the job of significantly accelerating the encounter times of interacting biomolecules in living matter.

[1] Nardecchia, Ilaria, et al. "Experimental detection of long-distance interactions between biomolecules through their diffusion behavior: Numerical study." Physical Review E 90.2 (2014): 022703.

{Credits 1} 🎪 Meessen, A. (2018) Water Memory Due to Chains of Nano-Pearls. Journal of Modern Physics, 9, 2657-2724. doi: 10.4236/jmp.2018.914165. Copyright © 2018 by author and Scientific Research Publishing Inc.This work is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution International License (CC BY 4.0).

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