Self-Organization Against Environmental Stressors, Evolved Elaborately Through Spontaneous Turbulent Dilutions, Led Biological Evolution ChaosComplexity and Quantum Coherence-Based Novel Theory

" Moreover, the peculiar nature of water has been ignored in the study of biological evolution though water is the matrix of life. Instead of one, liquid water flickers between two phases. The dominating phase is the ordinary (bulk) water, while the remaining is coherent, i.e., exclusion zone (EZ), water. The coherent water forms quantum coherence domains. They trap electromagnetic fields from the environment while ordinary phase water is indifferent to them. Almost all biological water is coherent and makes the living organism highly sensitive to the environment."

" The Weber-Fechner Law of physiology justifies this hypersensitivity. Quantum field theory reveals the whole meaning of this law. Below the threshold value of the stimulus, the organism’s response to stimulus not only exists but increases for its decreasing value in the negative direction of the Response axis. It happens because of the inward action of the minimal stimulus on the organism leading to its increasing organization or coherence (Tosi and Del Giudice, 2013; Brizhik et al., 2011). Thus, this law helps understand evolution through the secondary action of environmental stressors."

" The proposed theory identifies electromagnetism, self-organization, emergence, and coherence as essential evolutionary tools. It takes electromagnetic potential and the oscillation phase as the biological agents that store and communicate information with the help of the unifying quantum vacuum. “Information” is increasingly known to represent the ultimate nature of reality, and the trusted “materialistic and reductionistic scientific worldview” is now outdated (Glattfelder, 2019, p. 473). The interplay between the physical and the abstract realms is possible. Knowledge can be created through mapping aspects of the natural world into formal representations and back again through encoding/decoding (Glattfelder, 2019, pp. 78-79; Casti, 1989). As such, the nanoparticle-EZ shell can be of particular interest. It constitutes a unique quantum coherence domain with nanoparticle at the center. It is present in the environment, especially in water. During spontaneous turbulent serial dilution of an environmental stressor, it can evolve and store the four-dimensional geometrical information patterns of the stressor in the abstract realm. Quantum coherence is involved in this simply appearing process as for its success, the presence of the ambient (vacuum) electromagnetic field is necessary. Thus, the nanoparticle-EZ shell can act as an elaborately evolved environmental stressor capable of carrying out morphogenesis, and therefore, a key player in evolution. Any stressor or even some benign substances can ride on it to express their full biological potential otherwise hidden."

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