Coherent structures in liquid water close to hydrophilic surfaces

The paper describes what are the Coherent Domains (CD) and Exclusion Zones (EZ) of water, very important to the ideas presented in this website because the hegemony of the water molecules in the body and because water CD can tune in with an electromagnetic field trapped within the molecular ensemble.

" .. The molecules and the trapped emf are confined within a region (termed Coherence Domain (CD), whose size is the wavelength of the emf. In the case of liquid water this size is 0.1 microns. Each CD is a pool of quasi-free electrons, which, as in a semi-conductor, can be coherently excited giving rise to a CD spectrum of coherent excited levels produced by the coherent ("cold") vortices of quasi-free electrons, whose magnetic dipoles are aligned with the external (e.g. the terrestrial) magnetic field. Because of the coherence the vortices have no internal friction and therefore have a very long lifespan, so that it is possible to pile up within the CD a large number of excitations which sum up to a unique vortex whose rotational frequency is just the sum of the frequencies of the component vortices. In this way, as it has been shown in [5], the CD becomes a device able to transform ambient noise, namely an ensemble of a large number of low frequency excitations, into a unique high frequency excitation." {Credits 1}

In a CD, at each ambient temperature, there is a coherent fraction and a noncoherent fraction that varies in percentage, and molecules switch between them.

But it's not the only coherent dynamic of water; the paper introduced also the Exclusion Zone (EZ) phenomena of water:

" Besides the above coherence which involves electron clouds, another coherent dynamics has been shown [7] to involve the molecule rotational levels producing a coherent oscillation between the molecule ground state and the low lying states at about 20 wave-numbers. This coherence spans a length of slightly less than 500 microns and gives rise to an extended oscillating polarization field since it is able to correlate together the individual molecule electric dipoles. In the absence of an external electric field, the time average of the above polarization field is zero. However in the presence of an electric field E , the polarization field acquires a permanent component along E . In aqueous systems macromolecules suspended in water or solid surfaces on the boundary could be sources of electric fields so that according to QED layers of polarized water as deep as some hundreds of microns can be expected." {Credits 1}

Water self-adjust parameters in order to produce a resonance between two charged ensembles with the advantage of a larger energy gap due to the larger number of correlated oscillators. In water near to surface (EZ water) thanks to the electric field that is generated on surface the coherent inner structure is maintained in time, contrary to bulk water where a continuous cross-over between the two fractions (coherent and non coherent) occurs. Also taking in consideration, as hitherto, QED, attraction among like charges is produced by the coherent dynamics, contrary to the Coulomb law of electrodynamics.

The text continues with a presentation of the experimental evidence of the existence of Exclusion Zone Water. Explain how electric charge is positive or negative in correlation with the electric charge of the surface (two same charge and side by side, contrary to Coulomb law, what it means a dynamic collective attraction produced by QED). The contrary charge is presented in a layer in the other side (facing bulk water, that is neutral).

" Moreover, the expulsion of non-resonating particles from coherence domains oscillating on a definite frequency accounts for the phenomenon of the exclusion of solutes and also of opposite electric charges. ... The charge separation occurring at the interface is understood in the QED framework by the weakening of the binding of the oscillating charges to their matrices as a consequence of the energy gap produced by the combined coherence of the quasi free charges of the water CDs and of the solid surfaces." {Credits 1}

In the conclusion is pointed out that ...

" Since no point of them living organisms is more distant than a fraction of a micron from a surface or a molecular backbone, we can safely presume that the whole of biological water is interfacial water. Therefore, all the conclusions of the present article apply to biological water. In particular, we can understand why cells, whose surface is negatively charged can attract each other giving rise to tissues." {Credits 1}

{Credits 1} 🎪 Del Giudice, E., Tedeschi, A., Vitiello, G., & Voeikov, V. (2013). Coherent structures in liquid water close to hydrophilic surfaces. In Journal of Physics: Conference Series (Vol. 442, No. 1, p. 012028). IOP Publishing. doi:10.1088/1742-6596/442/1/012028. Content from this work may be used under the terms of the Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 licence.

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