Quanta and Coherence Effects in Water and Living Systems

Primarily it's show that water and living systems are sensitive to changes in a single quanta of magnetic flux, have the Josephson effect of interaction with electromagnetic fields, and also Aharonov-Bohm effect where the magnetic vector potential ((A)-field, in the direction of the current giving rise to the magnetic potential and in the surrounding space beyond the closed (B)-field) acts on the phase-difference between two matter-waves, and affect living systems even if the magnetic field is negligible. Also it shows that water can encode electromagnetic frequency information and finally that chemical reactions are very sensitive also to electromagnetic fields (for example changing the enzymatic activity).

Secondly it takes in consideration Quantum Electrodynamics (QED) where there is a strong coupling between the matter quantum fields and the electromagnetic fields, and domains of coherence appear spontaneously with a size determined by the wavelength of the particular molecular spectral line involved. The electromagnetic field by means of internal reflection is trapped within the coherence domain and becomes stronger.

Author explains that at ambient temperature of 26ºC is about 28% of coherent water fraction [this without taking in consideration that water can be near to any surface, like almost all biological water, and become interfacial Exclusion Zone water (see section [1]) where the coherent water percentage is elevated] and that the interaction between the matter quantum field and the electromagnetic radiation field ensures that the coherence is exchanged.

Particularly, in water coherent domains, molecules are in a coherent oscillation in-phase with the electromagnetic field coming from water molecules oscillating between their ground state and an excited state at 12.06 eV. In his view coherence propagates through different domains as a soliton (and he measure its velocity at 2.6 m/s and 6 m/s in mineral water and along human respectively).

The multiple-frequency effect implies that chemicals, that have spectra ranging from the far-infra-red to the ultraviolet, can interact with technological frequencies (and vice versa) that are lower by the ratio of the velocities (m/s to Mm/s).

One of the most interesting data that author discover is that mentally concentrating on healing meditation can move the pericardium meridian at Pe9 (a meridian that passes through heart and terminate in a point at the tip of the middle finger) from its endogenous frequency of 0.25 Hz to close to a healing frequency of 7.8 Hz (and this can connect with earth's Schumman resonance, as it can be seen in the section [2]). In another text of the same author [3] it can be read:

" Measurements quickly revealed that 7.8 Hz was the endogenous frequency of the heart acupuncture meridian. The endogenous frequencies of other acupuncture meridians also appeared when these were under stress. The frequencies on acupuncture meridians are very precise; for 53 heart meridian frequencies from 38 patients, the mean was 7.788 Hz (standard deviation ± 0.92%). This frequency is used in some therapeutic or environment protection devices. For 50 healthy persons it was 7.802 ± 0.026%. Its precision enables living systems to detect changes in Schumann Band radiation from in the upper atmosphere."

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