Effects of Cyclotronic Frequencies on Human Resistance and Reactance in 31 Healthy Subjects

" Aim of this work is to verify resistance and reactance variations, detected in a group of 31 healthy volunteers before and after stimulation with a standard sequence of cyclotron frequencies, emitted from an innovative electromagnetic therapy (EMT) device. These variations were then compared with the variations produced by well-known percutaneous stimuli of mechanical and piezoelectric nature, in this work specifically acupuncture."

" Nevertheless we can experience that acupuncture points have distinctive electrical and optical properties [1], peculiarly their electrical conductivity differs from the ones of surrounding tissues [2-4]. It has been suggested [5] that meridians are “flows of matter, energy, and information, which can be not uniformly spread over the organism due to self-trapping induced by the correlated coherence domains of interfacial water”. In other words meridians, as well as their nodes, outcome from the spread of interfacial water: a water with a high presence of Coherent Domains, i.e. clusters of water molecules whose quantum oscillations is tuned with the oscillation of an inner trapped electromagnetic field. In this frame, the disposal of interfacial water “forms the dynamical pathways as wave-guides, along which these flows can occur via soliton mechanisms” [5]. In other words, we can argue that meridians are a sort of continuous channels on the body, interconnected by nodes as acupuncture points, whose formation is allocated dynamically, depending on the disposal of interfacial water. Coherent water drives solitons, carriers of information and energy, through the body, which can be stimulated either by endogenous electromagnetic fields [5], originated by cells and that are typical for each tissue, or by exogenous stimuli."

" We argue that the environment is the origin of such electromagnetic fields, but they do not belong to the class of exogenous stimuli that can trigger solitons or recharge Coherent Domains of interfacial water forming meridians or their nodes. These electromagnetic fields rather allow the increase of conductivity of the uncoherent fraction of interfacial water, forming meridians or accumulating in their nodes, in such way favoring transmission of solitons. It’s been tried that magnetic fields at cyclotron frequency of Hydronium and of its hydrates are able to increase the conductivity of water [8]. Even optical properties of water, the refraction index included, result to be altered [9]. As a matter of fact main peaks of Schumann frequencies match the ion cyclotron frequency of Zundel Cation or others hydrates of Hydronium, where the geomagnetic field is about 40 µT and the magnetic inclination is about 60°, as in Middle Italy. In other countries the geomagnetic strength is increasing with latitude while magnetic inclination is decreasing. Moreover Schumann frequencies are tightly varying. Therefore we can argue that electrical conductivity of acupuncture points is varying depending on the intensity of Schumann frequencies, that are an environmental factor, highly variable: more intense when a thunderstorm is near us, weaker when it is far."

" The results of the experiment highlight the similar effects of both acupuncture (at the specified points) and exposure to the sequence of ion cyclotron frequencies specified in Materials and Methods."

" As expected from the consolidated theory on the function of acupuncture, after acupuncture on acupoints with proved effect, at a distance of 8 hours, the electrical resistance decreases while reactance and phase angle increase. This is in accordance with what happens in the presence of an amount of intracellular water greater than extracellular water. The same happens even more markedly with exposure to the cyclotron frequencies."

" The above gives as well an explanation of the phenomenon: the intracellular water is notoriously a water with greater conductivity and lower viscosity than ordinary water, which justifies the decrease in resistance and the increase in inductive reactance. The latter in fact opposes the passage of current and increases in relation to the increase in current. Once we consider the cell, in particular the cytoplasm, as an aqueous solution of ions and amino acids [23, 24], the cyclotron frequency has the effect of producing ionic currents in cells. These results are compatible with the two-phase water model that arises from the quantum molecular physics of liquid water. According to this model, liquid water consists of a fraction of coherent water, where the water molecules are organized in clusters or coherent domains, which are formed by molecules whose quantum oscillations are in phase, and from an incoherent fraction, formed by molecules isolated or linked by the weak hydrogen bond. As indicated by this model, intracellular water has a greater fraction of coherence domains than extracellular water and the results of this experiment appear consistent with this hypothesis, indeed providing a therapy to increase intracellular water through acupuncture or exposure to cyclotron frequency."

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