Tesla, Bioresonances and Resonant Recognition Model

" It can be observed from the calculated RRM frequencies, that there are interesting groupings of biological functions into functional super families. For example, it can be observed that protein and DNA functions, that are related to uncontrolled cell growth super family (like oncogenes, antitumor agents, TNFs, etc.), are all within the frequency range between 0.031 and 0.054, as highlighted in red, in Table 1. Similarly, the super family of viral and bacterial infections are grouped together and highlighted in yellow, the super family related to DNA regulation is highlighted in brown, the super family related to controlled growth is highlighted in pink, while the super family related to enzyme activity is highlighted in green, as presented in Table 1. It appears that there is smaller super family of proteins related to blue light absorption/emission, highlighted in blue, as presented in Table 1."

Last modified on 15-Mar-16

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