Electric-Induced Reversal of Morphogenesis in Hydra

" We show that an external electric field above a critical amplitude can halt and even reverse the course of morphogenesis in whole-body Hydra regeneration on demand. The reversal trajectory maintains the integrity of the tissue and its regeneration capability. We further show that these reversal dynamics are induced by enhanced electrical excitations of the tissue. It demonstrates that electrical processes play an instructive role in morphogenesis to a level that can direct developmental trajectories, commonly thought to be forward-driven programmed biochemical processes." {Credits 1}

" We next show that the elevated Ca2+ activity leading to reversal of morphogenesis is a manifestation of enhanced electrical excitability of the Hydra tissue." {Credits 1}

" we also utilize direct electrical measurements, showing that calcium spikes are stimulated by bursts of action potentials." {Credits 1}

" The reversal of morphogenesis can be triggered by the electrical excitations themselves or by the enhanced calcium activity in the tissue or by the combined effect of these two types of processes." {Credits 1}

" The mechanism by which enhanced calcium and electrical activities redirect and modulate the course of morphogenesis remains an important open issue for future work." {Credits 1}

" These data demonstrate the existence of a frequency cutoff around 1 kHz, above which the elevated Ca2+ activity is reduced, and morphogenesis is restored from its suspended state. This upper frequency cutoff is not a sharp cutoff at precisely 1 kHz. Nevertheless, further experiments demonstrate that at frequencies higher than ∼1 kHz, the regeneration process is insensitive to the external electric field (Video S4)." {Credits 1}

{Credits 1} 🎪 Braun, E., & Ori, H. (2019). Electric-induced reversal of morphogenesis in Hydra. Biophysical Journal, 117(8), 1514-1523. © 2019 Biophysical Society. This article is licensed under a CC BY-NC-ND License.

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