Inventing atomic resolution scanning dielectric microscopy to see a single protein complex operation live at resonance in a neuron without touching or adulterating the cell

They image live that a protein reacts adopting a unique configuration for each resonant electromagnetic frequency and that the electromagnetic field is capable to trigger electrical, mechanical, thermal and ionic resonant vibrations in the protein. It is presented that micro-neuro-filaments communicate prior to firing to decide its necessity and then regulate it suitably. Advanced tools are also presented, that gives them enough samples to be able to affirm by the results that from atomic structure to a living cell, the biomaterials vibrate collectively.

As is specified in the paper the components of a living cell are interconnected over the entire electromagnetic frequency range.

They use their new developed technologies to do simultaneous imaging of ionic, electric and electromagnetic transmissions. Plotting the frequencies they found that the neural network is in reality a network of electromagnetic coupling.

Experimental data shows that there is a collective dielectric coupling between the axon core, microtubules/actins and the proteins residing inside the neuron. And they found evidence that an alternate form of communication (electromagnetic) in the neuron precedes the ionic firing.

They found in neural firing that electromagnetic, electric, mechanical and ionic resonance are all connected together, so that previous idea that ionic conduction does everything is a myth. They found evidence of MHz frequency range signal transmission before the nerve impulse emergence.

It can be addressed here that an information processing inside neurons before spiking activity is sustained by other investigations, as is expressed in a review by D. Aur et al. [1], where in vivo data shows that computations are built at different scales inside the neuron shaped by molecular interactions, regulating genes, and protein expression, giving some clues about the procesing and storing of information inside the neurons and the role of electric interactions

[1] Aur, D., Jog, M., & Poznanski, R. R. (2011). Computing by physical interaction in neurons. Journal of integrative Neuroscience, 10(04), 413-422.

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