Dynamic Aspects of Finite Architectures

" ... Within this manuscript, a formal attempt is thus made to express the global dynamics occurring within living beings in an ontologically-consistent manner. From this perspective, multicellular organisms appear to function as nested electromagnetic systems, suggesting that indeed, neuronal architectures are much more complex than the usually ascribed cables, namely intricately-patterned, and therefore highly-exotic antennae. The basic mechanism that we investigate is the excitatory synaptic transmission process, involving three distinct compartments: a presynaptic axon along which an ordinary electrical pulse is transported, a postsynaptic cell with which the axon forms a synapse, and the extracellular space engulfing these two cells. Assuming that during this dynamical event neurotransmitters are released when the action potential is in the vicinity of the synapse, leading to the opening of ion-channels in the postsynaptic cell, Maxwell's equations predict a fundamentally different electrical regime than what is commonly described in textbooks. As such, we follow this route and discuss some immediate implications that result from treating biological organisms as a hierarchy of nested antennae, without appealing to stochastic events, thereby providing a fully deterministic perspective on biological processes."

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