Towards disease diagnosis through terahertz spectroscopy of biological components and tissues

" ... In 1968, Fröhlich (Frohlich, 1968) proposed that large molecules and long chain polymers have “extraordinary” dipole properties largely due to the hydrogen bonds. The interaction of external oscillations can propagate longitudinally resulting in electric modes at frequency ranges of 1011 – 1012 sec-1 . This hypothesis lends itself well for the use of Density Functional Theory (DFT) as a modelling tool for large molecules as explored in CHAPTER 4."

" ... Nucleobases and nucelosides are a key component of DNA and RNA, and have shown interesting characteristic features in the region of 20 to 600 cm-1 (0.6 to 20 THz). This work has provided evidence that there are unique absorption features across the frequency range which have not been seen before due to the limited frequency ranges and relatively low signal to noise inherent to other THz techniques."

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