On the DNA resonance code

They theoretically describe how DNA can work as an electromagnetic resonator and later put forward that EM generated in DNA could propagate though microtubules:

" We propose that the microtubules and DNA communicate resonantly through the nuclear membrane, and that the microtubules of neighboring cells communicate resonantly through the contact points of the cell membranes, thereby integrating all the body nuclei by the waveguides. From this it follows that resonant vibrations of DNA propagate not by chance, but are guided by waveguides of microtubules. We propose that the nervous system and connective tissue are primarily responsible for uniting the organism into one resonating system."

" We propose that in neurons, the propagation of action potential across the axons is the process of reading and writing of information into and from microtubules and that this propagation of action potential is electromagnetically connected via the microtubules with the DNA in the nucleus thus allowing the participation of DNA in the work of mind and memory."

Maybe it could be mentionable the recent paper of Jingjing Xu et al. [1] where is stated that the electric nerve impulses were actually pulsed electromagnetic waves, that could explain some phenomena that can not be explained if they were electric pulses. This is mentionable because axons are full of microtubules.

[1] Xu, Jingjing, et al. "Experimental and Computational Studies on the Basic Transmission Properties of Electromagnetic Waves in Softmaterial Waveguides." Scientific reports 8.1 (2018): 13824.

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