Non-Euclidean Biosymmetries and Algebraic Harmony in Genomes of Higher and Lower Organisms

" ... The long DNA nucleotide sequences have fractal-like structure with so called epi-chains, whose structures are also related to the harmonic progression and the projective-geometrical symmetries. The received results are related additionally to a consideration of DNA double helix as helical antenna." {Credits 1}

" The harmonic progression since the time of Pythagoras is associated with harmonics of music and standing waves in resonators. This allows us to assume that the connection between the harmonic progression and the numerical fractal structure of helical DNA-texts is of a resonant nature and reflects the existence of a certain system of standing waves. This is consistent with the known hypotheses that helical DNA is the helical antenna of electromagnetic waves, and therefore, like other helical chiral biomolecules, emits and absorbs electromagnetic waves of a certain circular polarization, which provides biomolecules with the possibility of exchanging radio waves of selective polarization. Many types of organisms are endowed with polarizing vision.

Helical antennas, including fractal ones, are important in space communications, radars, and cellular telephony. They - unlike other antennas - generate circularly polarized radio waves. They are insensitive to manufacturing defects and disturbances in the relative orientation of the transmitting and receiving antennas. Chirality of bio-structures and circular polarization of their electromagnetic waves are important for pharmacology, physiotherapy, etc.

An analog of the helical antenna was recently discovered by Swedish scientists in the tail of the spermatozoid. It has been suggested that these spirals act as a CCTV camera for the spermatozoids to bypass obstacles and search for the egg. [10].

Antenna-like helical structures are involved in the biomechanics of coordinated movements. For example, the unicellular organism Mixotricha paradoxa moves due to the 250 thousand spiral bacteria Treponema spirochetes on its surface, whose helical flagella are been twisting cooperatively, providing purposeful movement.

Electrical and mechanical vibrations in living bodies are closely related, since many of their structures are piezoelectric: nucleic acids, actin, dentin, tendons, bones, etc. Thus, electromagnetic phenomena are accompanied in biological bodies by the phenomena of vibration mechanics." {Credits 1}

" All investigated genomes of eukaryotes and prokaryotes with respect to their sequences of oligomeric sums are projectively similar to each other (with the high accuracy, with which hyperbolic rules are fulfilled in them). Similar hyperbolic rules associated with harmonic progression (1) are fulfilled not only in genomic DNA sequences of nucleotides, but also in the studied long proteins." {Credits 1}

{Credits 1} 🎪 Non-Euclidean Biosymmetries and Algebraic Harmony in Genomes of Higher and Lower Organisms Sergey Petoukhov, Elena Petukhova and Vitaly Svirin EPJ Web Conf., 248 (2021) 01010. © 2021 The Author(s). This article is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License.

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