The Understanding of Enigmas Related to Cancer Cancer Origin and Progression- A Review

" Cancer can be called a disease of geometry which is also metastasize in human body maintain a developmental pathway. The paradoxes in cancer cannot be explained with the conventional mechanistic approaches; therefore, it requires a holistic approach (Morphogenetic Field) for better understanding. Field effects of various epigenetic factors such as heavy metals and radiations affect the normal developmental pathway of organogenesis and energize the progression of cancer." {Credits 1}

" So in regard to cancer which is now treating as an abnormal organ (Reya et al. 2001) we might consider it as unprecedented and abnormal whole in the complex hierarchy which work in the biological organization and able to explain cancer with a holistic paradigm viewpoint." {Credits 1}

" A case study is the transplantation of rat testis to the spleen induces formation of interstitial cell tumors (Biskind 1945), and also normal rat ovary tissue put into normal rat spleen results a malignant neoplasm (Biskind 1944), implantation of mouse embryos into adults causes teratocarcinomas (Stevens 1970) and these because of an interference of the host and implanted morphogenetic field structure. These cases are proving that disruption of normal topographical tissue relationships tend to induce cancer (Liven 2012)." {Credits 1}

" Tumor cells integrated into wild type embryonic hosts that integrated as normal tissue (Astigiano et al. 2005). Human metastatic melanoma cells injected into zebrafish embryos acquire a non-neoplastic phenotype, but form tumor when injected into zebrafish after organogenesis (Haldi et al. 2006). These data are consistent with the morphogenetic field concept because they indicate the power of activity patterning cues to normalize cancer cues (Liven 2012)." {Credits 1}


The author considers morphogenetic field more than electromagnetically based, this is outside the principal ideas presented in this website but otherwise is interesting.

{Credits 1} 🎪 Hasan, M. . (2021). The UnderstAnding of Enigmas Related to Cancer: Cancer Origin and Progression- A Review. Journal of Bio-Science, 29, 153–161. © 2021 Journal of Bio-Science. This is an open access article distributed under the Creative Commons Attribution International License.

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