Biological Water Dynamics and Entropy: A Biophysical Origin of Cancer and Other Diseases

" This paper postulates that water structure is altered by biomolecules as well as by disease-enabling entities such as certain solvated ions, and in turn water dynamics and structure affect the function of biomolecular interactions. Although the structural and dynamical alterations are subtle, they perturb a well-balanced system sufficiently to facilitate disease. We propose that the disruption of water dynamics between and within cells underlies many disease conditions. We survey recent advances in magnetobiology, nanobiology, and colloid and interface science that point compellingly to the crucial role played by the unique physical properties of quantum coherent nanomolecular clusters of magnetized water in enabling life at the cellular level by solving the “problems” of thermal diffusion, intracellular crowding, and molecular self-assembly. Interphase water and cellular surface tension, normally maintained by biological sulfates at membrane surfaces, are compromised by exogenous interfacial water stressors such as cationic aluminum, with consequences that include greater local water hydrophobicity, increased water tension, and interphase stretching. The ultimate result is greater “stiffness” in the extracellular matrix and either the “soft” cancerous state or the “soft” neurodegenerative state within cells. Our hypothesis provides a basis for understanding why so many idiopathic diseases of today are highly stereotyped and pluricausal." {Credits 1}

It can be seen that changes in local water structure precede the slower, major conformational changes of the macromolecules, so they propose that exogenous interfacial water stress (EIWS), by disrupting biological water structure, initiates a series of events in the extracellular and intracellular space leading toward disorder and disease, including cancer.

The electromagnetic nature of this event is related to the fact that water structures and their interaction with electromagnetic field are crucial for biological systems.

" .. In biological systems, arrangements of water molecules are affected by interaction with small solutes (ions, dissolved gases, small molecules), extended surfaces of large biomolecules or assemblies (proteins, cell membrane surfaces, etc.), and weak electromagnetic fields. To a first approximation, normal water structures are maintained largely by interactions with biomacromolecular surfaces and electromagnetic fields, which enable extended networks for electron and proton conductivity. However, as discussed in Section 5, aluminum cation and many other interfacial water stressors (e.g., mercury, lead, glyphosate, ammonia, formaldehyde, arsenic, fluoride, etc.) are small solutes which can disrupt extended networks for conductivity." {Credits 1}

Exclusion Zone (or interfacial) water, form various layers around solutes, macromolecules and different structures ad there is an experimental suggest that ca. 20%–30% of the total (intracellular plus extracellular) water in these systems is interfacial water with bulk water comprising the remaining 70%–80%. And is interesting to note that structuring effect of confined water in tissues is also a source of polarization fields that contribute to the effective interactions between macromolecules (as it can be view also in the previously cited paper).

They review various experiments and theoretical works where it is viewed that electric and magnetic fields affect water structure in different ways, opening ring water clusters or the line up of water monomers with the direction of the field. They suggest that 6 Hz pulsed magnetic field generates a cyclotron resonance in water.

All the effects alter the life-enabling properties of water that for the authors are:

" (A) Promoting electrical conductivity at biological interfaces, thereby facilitating metabolism and voltage differences maintained by intracellular organelles;

(B) Absorbing, storing, and emitting electromagnetic energy, enabling storage and transmission of energy and information;

(C) Overcoming the kT or “thermal diffusion” problem; and

(D) Solving the intracellular crowding and molecular self-assembly problems by way of chirality (handedness of molecules) and magnetization." {Credits 1}

And they demonstrate these postulates with an extensive review.

In relation with the content of this web all points noted above are related but especially interesting is the (B) point, here some quotes from the section:

" In 2004, Curtis and Hurtak [157] proposed that biophotonic processes in humans may represent the way biophysical light interacts with the human self-organization of information that may be achieved by means of biomolecular metabolic, or neural communication." {Credits 1}

" In 2012, Pang [83,84,86] determined from energy spectra that protein molecules can both radiate and absorb bio-photons with wavelengths of < 3 μm and 5–7 μm, consistent with the energy level transitions of the excitons, and consistent with experimental infrared absorption data. Pang’s findings appear to provide support for the controversial experimental results of Gerald Pollack in 2006 [77] wherein large EZs were observed in the vicinity of many types of surfaces, including artificial and natural hydrogels, biological tissues, hydrophilic polymers, monolayers, and ion-exchange beads, as well as with a variety of solutes. Moreover, it was further shown that radiant energy profoundly expands these zones in a reversible, wavelength-dependent manner. Pollack wrote: “It appears that incident radiant energy may be stored in the water as entropy loss and charge separation” [76]." {Credits 1}

{Credits 1} 🎪 Davidson, R., Lauritzen, A., & Seneff, S. (2013). Biological water dynamics and entropy: a biophysical origin of cancer and other diseases. Entropy, 15(9), 3822-3876. © 2013 by the authors; licensee MDPI, Basel, Switzerland. This article is an open access article distributed under the terms and conditions of the Creative Commons Attribution license.

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