Bioelectric Control of Metastasis in Solid Tumors

It is interesting, and a good description of the all elements that apparently are involved but the website editor see two faults.

They fail in searching a final coherent explanation, sometimes they are near as in a specific case when they say that the electric field override chemical and other types of micro-environment signals, or when they suggest that cancer cell views the rest of the body as just an external environment and that extrinsic electric field properties are those that otherwise integrate cell in the organs and full body, but, their approval of the use of big data and AI to replace that more solid, unitary and coherent explanation of a reduced number of primary causes it is not shared by me.

Also they fail in propose a chemical cure, because they are as patches, the physical origin and the problem probably is not solved, only the symptoms.

Last modified on 04-Dec-19

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