The Biomass of the Earth as the Direct Energy-Mass Equivalence from ~3.5 Billions of Years of Solar Flux

" Life is considered to be quantitative phenomena based upon principles derived from Astronomy, Physics, and Chemistry. The mass equivalence of the total energy from the Sun that occurred over the terrestrial surface from 3.5 billions ago to present is within the range of empirical estimations for the total biomass on the Earth. If the mass of living systems is the converted photon energy integrated over time then the ubiquitous emissions of photons in the order of picoWatts per square meter may not be a metabolic artifact but a reflection of the matter’s origin. Quantification demonstrates this magnitude of photon flux density is an expected dissipation from the photon-mass conversion that defines living systems. Because all energy, particularly photons, within Life on this planet originated from the Sun their maintenance as Popp (virtual) photons creates the conditions for non-local effects between solar activity and Life. The occurrence of entanglement between solar-terrestrial photons could alter the models, mechanisms, and attributions for the persistent and multiple correlations between solar activity and the phenomena measured within various levels of discourse from physical chemistry to large groups of organisms."

The phrase “This suggests that the conditions for Life may not be planet-specific and may involve more pervasive regions of space” is very inspiring.

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