Can the Primo Vascular System (Bong Han Duct System) be a Basic Concept for Qi Production?

" A new system of circulation has been found in some small animals recently and it was suggested that this new system could exist in the human body too. The system could potentially explain all the abilities and mechanisms of traditional medicine along with Chinese traditional medicine. In the early 1960s, the time of its discovery, it was called Bong Han Duct (BHD) which afterwards, during an international meeting in Korea in 2009, was changed to Primo Vascular (or Vessel) System (PVS)." {Credits 1}

" This system is similar to a network composed of a duct containing some sub‐ductuls and corpuscles which are like a control canon and act as a control room for these ducts. In these ducts, very small floating granules are present and these contain genomic information. The information of one or two chromosomes is in each granule. These granules stay afloat in a fluid termed primo fluid and contain amino acid, hyaluronic acid, more than 270 proteins and some other substance vital for cells and tissues." {Credits 1}

" Non‐coding DNA may act as a photon store and a coherent radiator, because of its enormous polymer size and its ability to form exciplexes. ... The biophysical model for inter‐and intra‐cellular communication developed by Nagl and Popp [32] postulated that the biophoton is trapped and emitted by a cellular physical resonance device, namely DNA, which results in biophoton emissions with a high degree of coherence (Figure 9) [23]." {Credits 1}

" To explain biologically this postulation regarding DNA and biophotons, we still need a network or channel. Bonghan’s theory is similar to a channel and is just the answer. It provides the channels with the DNA granules running inside, and the channels are spread all over the body, linking the internal organs to the acupuncture points in the skin (Figure 10) [23]." {Credits 1}

{Credits 1} 🎪 Avijgan, M., & Avijgan, M. (2013). Can the primo vascular system (Bong Han Duct System) be a basic concept for Qi production?. Int J Integr Med, 1(20), 1-10. © 2013 Avijgan and Avijgan. This is an open access article under the Creative Commons Attribution License.

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