Biophotonics in the Infrared Spectral Range Reveal Acupuncture Meridian Structure of the Body

Using an extended infrared camera they have been able to reveal the meridian structure after burning moxibustion sticks as a directed heat source, in a defined manner, in proximity to body regions where there is purported to be the acupuncture points.

In the images that they obtain distinct temperature gradients of 5°C/cm2 can be fixed and established within these wave guides, while the heat source is dozens of centimeters apart, only over the acupuncture point.

In a paper by same authors and others, also listed in this website [1], they opine that those channels have a high optical coherence that points to a wide range of electromagnetic interactions that may cover almost the whole electromagnetic spectrum.

[1] Popp, F. A., Maric-Oehler, W., Schlebusch, K. P., & Klimek, W. (2005). Evidence of light piping (meridian-like channels) in the human body and nonlocal emf effects. Electromagnetic Biology and Medicine, 24(3), 359-374.

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