Anatomic characterization of acupuncture system and ultra-weak photon emission

" Anatomic, cellular and molecular studies reveal the enormity and pervasiveness of [the connective tissue] from the highly structured, strong and dense fascia, via the Bonghan ducts and connections to skin and internal organs to the fine-structured extracellular matrix surrounding individual cells. ...The liquid crystalline state of highly structured extracellular collagen as well as cellular components, e.g., DNA, are discussed in relation to biophoton emission properties of the system."

" In conclusion, we note that basic research in the 200 year-old basic bioregulatory system (in German: Grundsystem) includes nowadays the anatomy, cell biology and molecular biology of the fine-structure of (a) connective tissue in fascia, (b) recently discovered Bonghan ducts, and (c) the extracellular matrix around organ cells. This system can be considered anatomically as well as physiologica1ly as an entire system. The anatomy of the system corresponds in many respects with the acupuncture system. Structural and electrical properties of acupuncture points and meridians can be more easily understood utilizing the presented system."

Last modified on 16-Jun-20

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