Accents of the human body electromagnetic balance regulation system

" It is demonstrated that a non-specific morbidity can result from an electromagnetic imbalance and free-radical overloading resulting from disturbed ecology. We postulate the existence of a separate functional system of the electromagnetic regulation in the organism, and a working concept of phototherapy application is formulated. It is based on the possibility of using acupuncture points for energy compensation from electromagnetic waves of a biologically necessary range in the system of their conductors in the organism." {Credits 1}

" So far, the hypothesis is formulated [50] that the acupuncture points can be considered as electromagnetic waves receptors, perceiving them for further transport to various organs and tissues through the meridians that are the best conductors of electromagnetic waves in comparison with the surrounding tissues. Subsequent studies confirmed the possibility of non-contact conduct of the electromagnetic waves of microwave and visible ranges of the acupuncture points to the different levels of the central nervous system [13, 24, 48, 53, 65, 67, 74]." {Credits 1}

" The system of acupuncture points, meridians and constant electromagnetic field of the body belong to a holistic system of liquid-crystal fibers of collagen, which is the basis for connective tissue." {Credits 1}

" The network of collagen and elastin fibers, available in the connective tissue can probably carry both longitudinal transport of signals, for example, along the limbs and body, and irradiation of their part into the tissue depth. Location of the connective tissue around the nerve structures improves the signals broadcast into nerve fibers, which may facilitate the involvement of the nervous system in the generalized network reactions." {Credits 1}

The paper is focused also on related pathways for the effects of the environmental electromagnetic fields (natural or artificial) on bodies.

{Credits 1} 🎪 Gulyar, S. A. (2018). Accents of the human body electromagnetic balance regulation system. Фотобіологія та фотомедицина, 15(1 (24)), 52-68. © 2018 Gulyar S.A. This is an open access article under the Creative Commons Attribution License.

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