A case study of photon detection after acupuncture stimulation

Authors do not intend here to demonstrate meridians as biophotonic transmission pathways but they have performed interesting biophotonic emissions measures in relation to acupuncture point stimulation:

" In particular, the main objective of this case study is to verify whether the stimulation of certain acupoints in an healthy subject can elicit a variation in the photon emission (bioluminescence) from the body of the subject, within a 30-minute time frame, in the UV-VIS-IR spectral band, as documentable by the MIRA- (Hyperspectral Imaging “HIS”) device. The secondary objective is to measure the variation of photon emission during a meditative practice performed by both the subject undergoing acupuncture and the acupuncturist. Photon detections performed after the infission of needles showed a clear incremental change in the flow of photons within the interested area of the subject’s body, showing a correlation between biophotonic activation and the area stimulated through acupuncture. Moreover, this photon activation expands to the surroundings when both the acupuncturist and the subject start a meditation practice, with flows of photons moving from the acupuncturist to the subject as per the content of the performed visualization practice. Other relevant variations in the photon emission were measured, suggesting the hypothesis of an overall better homeostasis, a lower energetic consumption and a better oxygenation in the subject’s body." {Credits 1}

{Credits 1} 🎪 Pagliaro et al. (2020). A case study of photon detection after acupuncture stimulation. Trends Med, 20, 1-4. © 2020 G. Pagliaro. This is an open access article under the Creative Commons Attribution License.

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