Biophotons and Emergence of Quantum Coherence—A Diffusion Entropy Analysis

" The updated version of DEA used in this paper is designed to determine if the signal complexity is generated either by non-ergodic crucial events with a non-stationary correlation function or by the infinite memory of a stationary but non-integrable correlation function or by a mixture of both processes. We find that dark count yields the ordinary scaling, thereby showing that no complexity of either kinds may occur without any seeds in the chamber. In the presence of seeds in the chamber anomalous scaling emerges, reminiscent of that found in neuro-physiological processes. However, this is a mixture of both processes and with the progress of germination the non-ergodic component tends to vanish and complexity becomes dominated by the stationary infinite memory." {Credits 1}

" Our analysis clearly shows the presence of crucial events, at least in the early stages of the germination process, and the presence of a transition to a stage where the scaling remains significantly anomalous, but the main origin of this anomaly is due to FBM which, according to Ref. [48], may be a sign of quantum coherence. The advocates of quantum mechanics to explain the origin of cognition may use these results to support their view. We limit ourselves to notice that other conjectures may be invoked, for instance the influence of stress on the biophoton emission [63, 64]. In this case, the stress may be related to fact that the seedlings begin to grow in an environment completely devoid of light." {Credits 1}

" It is interesting to note that while in human beings the presence of crucial events is a necessary condition to make different organs "talk" to each other, for example the heart and brain, and that a transition to a situation in which complexity is mainly due to FBM is a transition from a health condition to a pathological degeneration, this is not true for plants. But this may not be surprising, plants do not have well-defined organs, only at the beginning of the germination process there is a differentiation process that may require the presence of crucial events. In other words, we cannot rule out that the kind of criticality involved by the germination process requires a form of phase transition that is not yet known. It has to be stressed that Mancuso [65] and Mancuso and Viola [66] use the concept of swarm intelligence with reference to the non-hierarchical root network. Thus, it may be beneficial to supplement their observations noting that the initial region of germination may have to do with the birth of this surprising root intelligence." {Credits 1}

{Credits 1} 🎪 Benfatto, M.; Pace, E.; Curceanu, C.; Scordo, A.; Clozza, A.; Davoli, I.; Lucci, M.; Francini, R.; De Matteis, F.; Grandi, M.; Tuladhar, R.; Grigolini, P. Biophotons and Emergence of Quantum Coherence—A Diffusion Entropy Analysis. Entropy 2021, 23, 554. © 2021 The author(s). This work is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution License.

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