Three unsolved problems in physics of Pc1 magnetospheric waves

It is viewed that the standard model of excitation and propagation of the pc1 geomagnetic pulsations (that resemble to and are in the frequency domain of the heartbeat, although appear and disappear? periodically) can't explain the observable properties (for example the quasi-periodic sequence of wave packets or the mechanism of wave leakage from the resonator to the earth's surface).

The authors also refer to other kind of studies that point out to a some human impact on Pc1 pulsation [1], and in this point may be interesting to note that there are some works that suggest an human emotional impact on geomagnetic activity [2].

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[2] McCraty, R., Deyhle, A., & Childre, D. (2012). The global coherence initiative: Creating a coherent planetary standing wave. Global advances in health and medicine, 1(1), 64-77.

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