The anthropogenic factor in the variatons of magnetic field

This paper deal with a class of ULF continuous geomagnetic pulsations, named PC1, that are interesting because:

- As part of the earth electromagnetic configuration and particularly belonging these to the electromagnetic configurations that can be measure at surface level, can be part of the interaction forces between biological beings minds and a 'Earth mind'.

- These pulsations have frequencies that overlap with brain and heart frequencies.

- The origin of these pulsations is not totally elucidated and have some mysteries.

- On a meta-review of distant mental interaction is concluded that the intensity of these pulsations is directly [or inversely directly. I don't remember it, when I find the paper I will put the link here] related with the success of the experiments.

And in this paper is exposed another astonishing property of these pulsations, the authors speak of Irregular Pulsation of Diminishing period frequencies (IPDS), that consist of a more or less narrow frequency band whose mean frequency increases fairly rapidly (typically from 0.5 to 1.5 Hz in 30 min), but they are only a special class of PC1 pulsations. Here the astonishing property:

" The attention is focused on the statistical analysis of the long-term observations to study the so-called Big Ben effects (clock pulse effect), which are the 60- and 30- minutes modulation of the Ipdp electromagnetic waves activity (frequency band is 0.1 – 5 Hz) and the slow magnetic field variations (quasi-periods are tens minutes). It is supposed that such effects are evidently of the human origin."

The authors propose some non-trivial impact caused by industrial activity, but they don't have it very clear.

The author of this web coincide with that those modulations can have an human origin, because the compartimentation of the humans (and indirectly of the other living animals in the environment) to the factories open and close, working start and stop (with subsequent alteration because stress, noises etc..), and that those are conditioned by the clock hands passing, but believes that the effect is more because of the 'psychological state of the environment' than because of machinery impact. But here some more quotes:

" As a result of the analysis were found the so-called weekend effect, or, more generally, a specific weekly cycle (septan variation) in the magnetosphere [Guglielmi and Zotov, 2007] (Pc1 wave activity) and lithosphere [Zotov, 2007] (global seismic activity). Fig. 1 shows these periodicities. The period of synchronous detection (epoch duration) is 7 days. The number of events means the number of Pc1 series onsets (left) and number of earthquakes (right). It is supposed that such effects are evident of human origin."

" Also were found Big Ben Effect (or clock pulse effect) in geoelectromagnetic waves activity. Which attributes the Big Ben effect in natural dynamics of different parameters of geospheres? When we find a periodicity synchronized with the hour marks and its period is equal to or a multiple of the duration of one hour, then we assume that such effects are evident of human origin and that is the Big Ben effect. Fig. 2 shows the 15-minutes modulation of the Pc1 geoelectromagnetic waves activity."

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