Exposure to Electromagnetic Fields and the Risk of Brain Cancer

" Systematic review of literature was conducted using pre-determined criteria to collate the relevant literature. Scientific research suggests that EMF in contact with biological tissues is able to induce changes in cell cycle, cell death and alterations in protein and gene expression in laboratory studies. Other health effects including altered glucose metabolism, increased calcium flux, reduced cognitive function, melatonin disruption, alterations in DNA and brain tumours have been suggested. The current epidemiological data suggest a weak non-conclusive association between exposure to EMF primarily from mobile phones and brain cancers. Epidemiological studies also inconclusively suggest the development of acoustic neuroma, glioma, meningioma and ipsilateral use of mobile phones with a latency period of over 10 years from exposure to EMF. However, toxicology data from in-vivo and in-vitro studies indicates that the development of brain tumor is possible and plausible."

Last modified on 23-Jan-19

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