Histological study on the Effect of Electromagnetic Radiation Emitted from 4G Cell Phones on the Thyroid Gland of the Adult Male Albino Rat

" The present study aimed to investigate the effects of electromagnetic waves emitted from 4G mobile phone on the thyroid gland using the adult male albino rat as an experimental model. ... Histological sections from the 4G group showed signs of hypoactivity in the form of statistically significant increase in the follicular diameter and statistically significant decrease in the follicular epithelium height. In addition, some follicles showed signs of degeneration in the form of denuded follicles, exfoliated epithelium in the follicular lumen. Some follicular cells showed vacuolated cytoplasm and pyknotic nuclei. Also, accumulation of macrophages was detected at the site of degeneration. In the interstitial tissue between the follicles, dilated and congested blood vessels were noticed and there was apparent increase in the parafollicular and mast cells. These results were confirmed by transmission electron microscopic examination." {Credits 1}

Last modified on 02-May-22

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