Role of Mitochondria in the Oxidative Stress Induced by Electromagnetic Fields Focus on Reproductive Systems

" Numerous studies revealed the detrimental effects of EMFs from mobile phones, laptops, and other electric devices on sperm quality and provide evidence for extensive electron leakage from the mitochondrial electron transport chain as the main cause of EMF damage. In female reproductive systems, the contribution of oxidative stress to EMF-induced damages and the evidence of mitochondrial origin of ROS overproduction are reported, as well." {Credits 1}

{Credits 1} 🎪 Santini, S. J., Cordone, V., Falone, S., Mijit, M., Tatone, C., Amicarelli, F., & Di Emidio, G. (2018). Role of mitochondria in the oxidative stress induced by electromagnetic fields: focus on reproductive systems. Oxidative medicine and cellular longevity, 2018. © 2018 The Author(s). This article is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License.

Last modified on 16-Dec-18

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