Biological and health effects of non-ionizing radiation that is used by 5G

" Complex dependence of the non-thermal RF effects on various physical and biological variables, such as carrier frequency, polarization, modulation, intermittence, electromagnetic stray fields, genotype, physiological traits, and cell density during exposure account for an apparent inconsistence in the published data [2]. Health effects of 5G mobile communication, which, in addition to 2G-4G signals, uses also millimeter waves (MMW), are of significant public concern. It follows from available studies that RF in general and MMW in particular, at very low intensities below the ICNIRP guidelines can induce biological effects and affect human health. We have shown that MMW inhibited repair of DNA damage induced by ionizing radiation under exposure at specific frequencies and polarizations [3]. Fundamental role of MMW in regulation of homeostasis was postulated by H. Fröhlich [4] and confirmed in many studies [2]."

Last modified on 20-Aug-21

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