Weak Environmental Magnetic Fields Inhibit Spontaneous Bioelectrical Activity in Snail Neurons

" Application of ac magnetic field (50 Hz) decreased the firing frequency from 2.98±0.20 Hz to 1.33±0.05 Hz in 2.83 µT; to 1.57±0.4 Hz in 6.02 µT; to 1.57±0.12 Hz in 14.91µT; to 1.12±0.13 Hz in 45.87µT; to 2.35±0.12 Hz in 109.34 µT; and to 1.41±0.18 Hz in 207.2 µT after 18 min. magnetic field was seen to have a suppressive effect on the electrical activity of F1 neurons."

Last modified on 15-Mar-16

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