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Various MW Freq. Hazards Experiments
A variety of experiments related to telecom radiation confirms its harmfulness

Pablo Andueza Munduate

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Applied Fields - Hazards
Various MW Freq. Hazards Experiments

Various MW Freq. Hazards Experiments

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Aavailable in HTMLThe effect of 6GHz radiofrequency electromagnetic radiation on rat pain perception6 GHz-Commentary icon2024-(1)Mustafa Emre, Yasin Karamazi, Toygar Emre, Çağrı Avci, Cagatay Aydin, Sonia Ebrahimi, Ayper Boga Pekmezekmek
Aavailable in HTMLMobile Phone Use and Risks of Overall and 25 Site-specific Cancers: A Prospective Study from the UK Biobank Study--Commentary icon2023-(1)Yanjun Zhang, Yuanyuan Zhang, Ziliang Ye, Sisi Yang, Mengyi Liu, Qimeng Wu, Chun Zhou, Panpan He, Xiaoqin Gan, Xianhui Qin 
Aavailable in HTMLNumerical optimization of blood viscosity to assess the impact of electromagnetic radiation using headphones-1-4h/1dCommentary icon2023-(6)Daniel Ribeiro Dessaune, Jornandes Dias Da Silva
Favailable in PDF and HTMLEffect of Mobile Phone with and without Earphones Usage on Nickel Ion Release from Fixed Orthodontic Appliance--Commentary icon2023-(5)Ramya Rajendran, Sudhakar Venkatachalapathy, Balavignesh Thiyagarajan, Sruthi Jeevagan, Anandadevi Chinnasamy, Muruganandam Sivanandham
Aavailable in HTMLAcute radiofrequency electromagnetic radiation exposure impairs neurogenesis and causes neuronal DNA damage in the young rat brain2115 MHz - (SAR 1.5 W/kg)8h/35dCommentary icon2023-(1)Kumari Vandana Singh, Chandra Prakash, Jay Prakash Nirala, Ranjan Kumar Nanda, Paulraj Rajamani
Aavailable in HTMLInvestigating the Effects of 2850 MHz Electromagnetic Field Radiations on the Growth, Germination and Antioxidative Defense System of Chickpea (Cicer arietinum L.) Seedlings2850 MHz1-4h/7dCommentary icon2022-(1)N. Johal, D. Batish, A. Pal, S. Chandel, M. Pal
Aavailable in HTMLThe effects of long-term prenatal exposure to 900, 1800, and 2100 MHz electromagnetic field radiation on myocardial tissue of rats900 MHz, 1800 MHz, 2100 MHz6-24h/20dCommentary icon2022-(1)Sahin Bozok, Erturk Karaagac, Dila Sener, Dilek Akakin, Levent Tumkaya
Favailable in PDFThe Effect of Radiofrequency Waves on Pregnant Mice in Association with Genes Involved in Neuronal Migration10.7 GHz (CW) - 0.84 mW/cm2 (SAR 0.7 W/kg)12h/-Commentary icon2022-(8)Alkım Gülşah Şahi̇ngöz Yildirim, Emin Karaca, Oğuz Gözen, Burak Durmaz, Teoman Yildiz, Nuri Yildirim, Özgür Yeni̇el, Mete Ergenoğlu, Cumhur Gündüz, Ersin Köylü, Özgür Çoğulu, Sermet Sağol
FEffects of Radiofrequency Electromagnetic Fields Emitted from Mobile Phones and Wi-Fi Router on the Growth Rate and Susceptibility of Enterococcus faecalis to Antibiotics900-1800 MHz (GSM), 2.4 GHz (Wi-Fi)2-24h/1dNo comments yet icon2022-(8)Seyed Mohammad Javad Mortazavi, Mohammad Taheri, Maryam Paknahad, Salar Khandadash
Favailable in PDFEffects of Daily Exposure to Microwave Radiation on Biophysical Properties of Rat’s Cornea1.52 GHz (CW) - 0.00007 mW/cm28h/1-9dCommentary icon2022-(15)Rana Mohamed, Aida Salama, Mona Gamal, Sahar Awad
Favailable in PDFRat hematological parameters of subacute multifrequency electromagnetic next-generation cellular communications exposure (in Russian)3.5 GHz + 28 GHz + 37 GHz - 0.5 mW/cm223h/30dCommentary icon2022-(9)V. S. Orlova, S. Y. Perov, R. R. Lifanova, S. A. Pinegin
Aavailable in HTMLThe Effects of Electromagnetic Radiation on Lipid Peroxidation and Antioxidant Status in Rat Blood460 MHz - 0.01-0.03 mW/cm220m/20dCommentary icon2022-(1)M. T. Abbasova, A. M. Gadzhiev
Favailable in PDFAmelioration of Cell Phone and Wi Fi induced Pancreatic Damage and Hyperglycemia (Diabetes Mellitus) with Pomegranate and Vit E in Rats‎ ("chemical remedy")900 MHz + 2.4 GHz1h/56dCommentary icon2021-(12)Hadiya Sibghatullah, Sibghatullah Muhammad Ali Sangi, Elsamoual Ibrahim Ahmedani, Ali Alqahtani, Abdulhakim Bawadekji, Sreeharsha Nagaraja
Favailable in PDFOriginal Findings Confirmed in Replication Study: Provocation with 2.4 GHz Cordless Phone affects the Autonomic Nervous System (ANS) as measured by Heart Rate Variability (HRV)2.4 GHz - 0.003-0.008 mW/cm29-30m/1dNo comments yet icon2021-(17)Magda Havas, Jeffrey Marrongelle
Favailable in PDFThe influence of microwave electromagnetic radiation on rat heart morphogenesis during thyroidectomy1 GHz - 0.00011 mW/cm245m-2h/1dCommentary icon2021-(9)O. O. Drobakhin, V. I. Magro, V. V. Kosharnyi, V. H. Rutgaizer, L. V. Abdul-Ohly
Favailable in PDF and HTMLChanges in the Excitability of Primary Hippocampal Neurons Following Exposure to 3.0 GHz Radiofrequency Electromagnetic Fields3 GHz - (SAR 0.3 W/kg)60m/1dCommentary icon2021-(11)Ibtissam Echchgadda, Jody C. Cantu, Gleb P. Tolstykh, Joseph W. Butterworth, Jason A. Payne, Bennett L. Ibey
Favailable in PDF and HTMLRadiofrequency EMF irradiation effects on pre-B lymphocytes undergoing somatic recombination720-1224 MHz - 0.0002-0.0095 mW/cm224h/2dCommentary icon2021-(12)Elena Ioniţă, Aurelian Marcu, Mihaela Temelie, Diana Savu, Mihai Şerbănescu, Mihai Ciubotaru
Aavailable in HTMLDifferential Effects of Decimetric Electromagnetic Microwaves on Pyruvate Kinase Activity in the Rat Brain during Ontogenesisnot specified (decimetric = 300-3000 MHz) - 0.01-0.03 mW/cm220m/10dCommentary icon2021-(1)A. M. Rashidova
Aavailable in HTMLInfluence of a low-intensity electromagnetic field on the process of self-assembly of the core histones H3.2 and H41 GHz - 0.0001 mW/cm210m/1dNo comments yet icon2021-(1)G. E. Brill, Anna V. Egorova, Olga V. Ushakova
Aavailable in HTMLElectromagnetic Irradiation Evokes Physiological and Molecular Alterations in Rice (plant)1837.5 MHz - 0.275 mW/cm26h/12-32dCommentary icon2021-(1)Ardhendu Kundu, Sathish Vangaru, Somnath Bhattacharyya, Amirul I. Mallick, Bhaskar Gupta
Aavailable in HTMLEffects of 2600 MHz Radiofrequency Radiation in Brain Tissue of Male Wistar Rats and Neuroprotective Effects of Melatonin2600 MHz - (SAR 0.44 W/kg (1g))30m/30dNo comments yet icon2021-(1)Kevser Delen, Bahriye Sırav, Sinem Oruç, Cemile M. Seymen, Dilek Kuzay, Korkut Yeğin, Gülnur Take Kaplanoğlu
Favailable in PDFDestructive Processes in the Cardiovascular System Under the Electromagnetic Radiation Action650-800 MHz-Commentary icon2020-(4)U. K. Kayumov, G. M. Khamidova , M. L. Saipova , D. T. Khatamova , SH. Z. Musaeva , D. E. Nurmukhamedova
Aavailable in HTMLMorphological changes in the vertebrae and central canal of rat pups born after exposure to the electromagnetic field of pregnant rats900 MHz1h/8dNo comments yet icon2020-(1)Ayşe İkinci Keleş
Aavailable in HTMLInfluences of exposure to 915-MHz radiofrequency identification signals on serotonin metabolites in rats: A pilot study915 MHz (RFID) - (SAR 2 W/kg)8h/10dNo comments yet icon2020-(1)Hye Sun Kim, Man-Jeong Paik, Chan Seo, Hyung Do Choi, Jeong-Ki Pack, Nam Kim, Young Hwan Ahn
Favailable in PDF and HTMLEffect of mobile phone signal radiation on epigenetic modulation in the hippocampus of Wistar rat900 MHz, 1800 MHz, 2450 MHz - (SAR ~0.0006 W/kg)2h/30-180dNo comments yet icon2020-(10)Ranjeet Kumar, Pravin S .Deshmukh, Sonal Sharma, Basu Dev Banerjee
Favailable in PDFRadiofrequency electromagnetic field affects Heart Rate Variability in Rabbits1788 MHz, GSM2.5h/1dNo comments yet icon2020-(21)Jakub Misek, Marcel Veterník, Ingrid Tonhajzerova, Viera Jakusova, Ladislav Janousek, Jan Jakus
Favailable in PDF and HTMLCorrelation of Blood Oxidative Stress Parameters to Indoor Radiofrequency Radiation: A Cross Sectional Study in Jordan--Commentary icon2020-(7)Yazan Akkam, Ahmed A. Al-Taani, Salam Ayasreh, Abeer Almutairi, Nosaibah Akkam
Favailable in PDF and HTMLModulation of Staphylococcus aureus biofilm by electromagnetic radiation (bacteria)1-5 GHz3h/1dCommentary icon2020-(3)Samuel Bucko, Anna Čuvalová, Ján Labun, Ján Zbojovský, Dobroslava Bujňáková, Vladimír Kmeť
Favailable in PDFEffect of Exposure to Electromagnetic Radiation on Sex Steroids and Systemic & Local Uterine Redox Status during Early and Late Pregnancy in Rats900, 1800, 2450 MHz24h/7-18dCommentary icon2020-(10)Akmal Ahmed Hassan Diab, Mohamed Hussein Mohamed Ibrahim,Shreen Elaraby Bedear, Eman Abdel Raouf Mohammed
available in PDFMorphological and cytophysiological changes in selected lines of normal and cancer human cells under the influence of a radio-frequency electromagnetic field2.5 GHz24h/1-3dCommentary icon2020-(9)Romuald Górski, Agnieszka Nowak-Terpiłowska, Paweł Śledziński, Mikołaj Baranowski, Stanisław Wosiński
Favailable in PDFAutonomic Nervous System Disorder Due to Exposure RF Jamming-15-45min /1dNo comments yet icon2020-(9)Ibrahim T. Ibrahim, Suad M. Al-Deen, Ajial S. Hassan
Favailable in PDF and HTMLProtective Effects of Vitamin E on Mobile Phone Induced Injury in The Brain of Rats ‎ ("chemical remedy")-24h/56dCommentary icon2020-(8)Sibghatullah Muhammad Ali Sangi, Abdulhakim Bawadekji, Nawaf M. Alotaibi, Ahmed M. Aljameeli, Samreen Soomro
Aavailable in HTMLComparison of effects of 2.4GHz Wi-Fi and mobile phone exposure on human placenta and cord blood--No comments yet icon2020-(1)Hava Bektas, Suleyman Dasdag, Mehmet Selcuk Bektas
Aavailable in PDFParamagnetic property of proteins in aqueous solution can be highlighted even at low intensity electromagnetic fields0.01 mW/cm2-Commentary icon2020-(1)Emanuele Calabrò, Salvatore Magazù
Favailable in PDF and HTMLTesting of behavioral and cognitive development in rats after prenatal exposure to 1800 and 2400 MHz radiofrequency fields1800 MHz (GSM), 2400 MHz (Wi-Fi) - 0.1-1 mW/cm212h/21dCommentary icon2020-(10)Zhi-qiang Li, Yuan Zhang, Yue-Meng Wan, Qiong Zhou, Chang Liu, Hui-Xin Wu, Yun-Zheng Mu, Yue-Feng He, Ritika Rauniyar, Xi-Nan Wu
Aavailable in HTMLWeak radiofrequency fields affect the insect circadian clock--No comments yet icon2019-(1)Premysl Bartos, Radek Netusil, Pavel Slaby, David Dolezel, Thorsten Ritz, Martin Vacha
Favailable in PDFThe electrical potential of nicotiana Benthamiana affectted by microwave exposure (plant)2.01 (CW)-No comments yet icon2019-(6)M. D. H. J. Senavirathna, T. Asaeda
Favailable in PDFMay electromagnetic field exposure during pregnancy have a negative effect on anthropometric measurements of the newborn?--Commentary icon2019-(6)Özge Kömürcü Karuserci 1 , Nilgün Çöl 2 , Can Demirel
Favailable in PDF and HTMLValidation of potential effects on human health of in vivo experimental models studied in rats exposed to sub-thermal radiofrequency. Possible health risks due to the interaction of electromagnetic pollution and environmental particles900 MHz, 2450 MHz - (SAR 0.04 - 1.3 W/kg)0.5-2h/1dCommentary icon2019-(13)Aaron A. Salas-Sánchez, Alberto López-Furelos, J. Antonio Rodríguez-González, Francisco J. Ares-Pena, M. Elena López Martín
Aavailable in HTMLThe influence of low-intensity electromagnetic field on the process of self-organization of linker histone H11000 Mhz - 0.001 mW/cm2-Commentary icon2019-(1)G. E. Brill, A. V. Egorova, I. O. Bugaeva, D. E. Postnov, O. V. Ushakova
Favailable in PDFAssessment of the effects of radiofrequency radiation on human colon epithelium cells1800-2600 MHz3-6h/1dNo comments yet icon2019-(10)A. Tomruk, Y. K. Terzi, G. Ozturk Guler
Aavailable in HTMLActivation of endoplasmic reticulum stress in rat brain following low-intensity microwave exposure900-2450 MHz - (SAR 0.0058 - 0.067 W/kg)-/30dCommentary icon2019-(1)Ranjeet Kumar, Pravin S. Deshmukh, Sonal Sharma, BasuDev Banerjee
Favailable in PDF and HTMLA Prospective Cohort Study of Adolescents’ Memory Performance and Individual Brain Dose of Microwave Radiation from Wireless Communication--Commentary icon2018-(13)Milena Foerster, Arno Thielens, Wout Joseph, Marloes Eeftens, Martin Röösli
Favailable in PDFExposure to high-frequency electromagnetic field triggers rapid uptake of large nanosphere clusters by pheochromocytoma cells18 GHz - (SAR 0.85 W/kg)1.5min/1dNo comments yet icon2018-(14)Palalle G. Tharushi Perera, The Hong Phong Nguyen, Chaitali Dekiwadia, Jason V Wandiyanto, Igor Sbarski, Olga Bazaka, Kateryna Bazaka, Russell J Crawford, Rodney J Croft, Elena P Ivanova
Aavailable in HTMLInfluence of electromagnetic radiation of extremely high frequency on sensitivity of plants to cold stress55-66 GHz - 0.066 mW/cm2150min/1dCommentary icon2018-(1)Alexander Nikitin, Diana Suhareva, Egor Mishchenko, Alesya Zubareva, Olga Shurankova, Ruslan Spirov
Favailable in PDFAssociation between daily exposure to electromagnetic radiation from 4G smartphone and 2.45-GHz wi-fi and oxidative damage to semen of males attending a genetics clinic: a primary study1.8 GHz + 2.45 GHz - (SAR 3.19 W/kg (body))-Commentary icon2018-(10)Shang-Shu Ding, Ping Sun, Hong Tian, Yong-Wei Huo, Li-Rong Wang, Yan Han, Zhou Zhang, Xiang Liu, Jun-Ping Xing
Aavailable in HTMLEffects of Exposure to Electromagnetic Field From 915 MHz Radiofrequency Identification System on Circulating Blood Cells in the Healthy Adult Rat915 MHz (RFID) - (SAR 2 W/kg)8h/10dNo comments yet icon2018-(9)Hye Sun Kim, Jae Sung Park, Yeung-Bae Jin, Hyung Do Choi, Jong Hwa Kwon, Jeong-Ki Pack, Nam Kim, Young Hwan Ahn
Aavailable in HTMLEffects of electromagnetic waves emitted from 3G+wi-fi modems on human semen analysis(3G) + 2.4 GHz - (SAR 1.3 W/kg)50min/1dCommentary icon2017-(6)Koosha Kamali, Mohammadmehdi Atarod, Saeedeh Sarhadi, Javad Nikbakht, Maryam Emami, Robab Maghsoudi, Hormoz Salimi, Bita Fallahpour, Negar Kamali, Abdolreza Momtazan, Mojtaba Ameli
Favailable in PDFThe effect of the low energy electromagnetic radiation of cell phone and Wi- Fi frequency on the calcium concentration in the exfoliated human buccal epithelium cells1.8 GHz + 2.4 GHz - 0.0023 mW/cm2 + 0.0025 mW/cm21-3h/1dCommentary icon2017-(4)Andrey Mudrak, Nicolay Kolchigin, Igor Kovalenko, Yuriy Shckorbatov
Aavailable in HTMLMechanism of Low-level Microwave Radiation Effect on Brain: Frequency Limits450 MHz (14-217 Hz modulated) - (SAR 0.3 W/kg)-Commentary icon2017-(1)Hiie Hinrikus, Maie Bachmann, Jaanus Lass
Aavailable in HTMLSelective changes in locomotor activity in mice due to low-intensity microwaves amplitude modulated in the EEG spectral domain10 GHz (2 Hz, 8 Hz modulated) - (SAR 0.3 W/kg)-/6dNo comments yet icon2017-(1)V. Van Eeghem, A. El Arfani, A. Anthoula, L. Walrave, A. Pourkazemi, E. Bentea, T. Demuyser, I. Smolders, J. Stiens
Aavailable in HTMLRadiation from wireless technology elevates blood glucose and body temperature in 40-year-old type 1 diabetic male--No comments yet icon2017-(1)Catherine E. Kleiber
Favailable in PDFNon-thermal microwave radiation-induced brain tissue dehydration as a potential factor for brain functional impairment90-160 GHz (4 Hz modulated) - (SAR 0.05 W/kg)10min/1dCommentary icon2017-(8)Anna Nikoghosyan, Armenuhi Heqimyan, Sinerik Ayrapetyan
Favailable in PDF and HTMLModulation of 10 GHz microwaves induced biochemical changes in differernt organs of swiss albino mice by prunus domestica fruit extract ("chemical remedy")10 GHz - 0.25 mW/cm22h/30dCommentary icon2017-(9)Faiza Rifat, Rashmi Sisodia
Aavailable in HTMLTen gigahertz microwave radiation impairs spatial memory, enzymes activity, and histopathology of developing mice brain10 GHz2h/15dNo comments yet icon2017-(1)Archana Sharma, Kavindra Kumar Kesari, Virender Kumar Saxena, Rashmi Sisodia
Favailable in PDF and HTMLEvaluation of the Effect of Radiofrequency Radiation Emitted From Wi-Fi Router and Mobile Phone Simulator on the Antibacterial Susceptibility of Pathogenic Bacteria Listeria monocytogenes and Escherichia coli900 MHz (GSM) - 2.4 GHz - (SAR 0.13 W/kg)3-24h/1dCommentary icon2017-(8)M. Taheri, S. M. J. Mortazavi, M. Moradi, S. Mansouri, G. R. Hatam, F. Nouri
Favailable in PDF and HTMLThe aftermath of long-term exposure to non-ionizing radiation on laboratory cultivated pine plants (Pinus halepensis M.)1882 MHz (DECT)24h/50dNo comments yet icon2017-(14)Aikaterina L. Stefi, Lukas H. Margaritis, Nikolaos S. Christodoulakis
Favailable in PDF and HTMLThe effect of the non-ionizing radiation on exposed, laboratory cultivated maize (Zea mays L.) plants1882 MHz (DECT)24h/14dNo comments yet icon2017-(9)Aikaterina L. Stefi, Lukas H. Margaritis, Nikolaos S. Christodoulakis
Favailable in PDF and HTMLThe effect of the non ionizing radiation on exposed, laboratory cultivated upland cotton (Gossypium hirsutum L.) plants1882 MHz (DECT)24h/21dCommentary icon2017-(10)Aikaterina L. Stefi, Lukas H. Margaritis, Nikolaos S. Christodoulakis
Favailable in PDFExposure to radiation from single or combined radio frequencies provokes macrophage dysfunction in the RAW 264.7 cell line900 MHz, 2450 MHz24h - 72h /1d-3dNo comments yet icon2017-(1)Alberto López-Furelos, Aarón A. Salas-Sánchez, Francisco J. Ares-Pena, José M. Leiro-Vidal, Elena López-Martín
Favailable in PDF and HTMLEvidence of cellular stress and caspase-3 resulting from a combined two-frequency signal in the cerebrum and cerebellum of Sprague-Dawley rats900 MHz, 2450 MHz - (SAR 0.03-0.32 W/kg)1-2h/1dNo comments yet icon2016-(16)Alberto López-Furelos, José Manuel Leiro-Vidal, Aarón Ángel Salas-Sánchez, Francisco José Ares-Pena, María Elena López-Martín
Favailable in PDFThe effect of the non ionizing radiation on cultivated plants of Arabidopsis thaliana (Col.)(DECT)-Commentary icon2016-(1)Aikaterina L. Stefi, Lukas H. Margaritis, Nikolaos S. Christodoulakis
Aavailable in HTMLAssociation between Exposure to Smartphones and Ocular Health in Adolescents--No comments yet icon2016-(1)Joowon Kim, Yunji Hwang, Seungheon Kang, Minhye Kim, Tae-Shin Kim, Jay Kim, Jeongmin Seo, Hyojeong Ahn, Sungjoon Yoon, Jun Pil Yun, Yae Lim Lee, Hyunsoo Ham, Hyeong Gon Yu, Sue K. Park
Favailable in PDF and HTMLElectrosmog and autoimmune disease(silver-threaded cap protection)-No comments yet icon2016-(7)Trevor G. Marshall, Trudy J. Rumann Heil
Favailable in PDFThe interaction of radio frequency and Lambda DNA1.0-17.0 GHz-Commentary icon2016-(31)Mary Elizabeth Pearson
Favailable in PDF and HTMLRadiofrequency radiations induced genotoxic and carcinogenic effects on chickpea (Cicer arietinum L.) root tip cells900 MHz (GSM)-3.3 GHz24h - 48h /1d-2dCommentary icon2016-(9)Sadaf Tabasum Qureshi, , Sajjad Ahmed Memon, Abdul Rasool Abassi, Mahboob Ali Sial, Farooque Ali Bughio
Aavailable in HTMLLong-term exposure to electromagnetic radiation from mobile phones and Wi-Fi devices decreases plasma prolactin, progesterone, and estrogen levels but increases uterine oxidative stress in pregnant rats and their offspring900-1800 MHz + 2450 MHz1h/-No comments yet icon2015-(1)Murat Yüksel, Mustafa Nazıroğlu, Mehmet Okan Özkaya
Favailable in PDFThe Histomorphological Changes in the Proximal Tubules of Metanephros of Developing Kidney of Chick Embryo Induced by Electromagnetic Radiations from Conventional and Advanced Mobile Phones900 MHz (GSM), 900 MHz (GSM) + Wifi15min, 30min/ 15dCommentary icon2015-(3)Sabah Rehman, Shadab Ahmed Butt, Naureen Waseem, Maria Yousaf
Favailable in PDFExperimental Study of Digital Enhanced Cordless Telecommunication Devices Electromagnetic Field Possible Hazard Health Effects1890 MHz (DECT) - 0.25-0.5 mW/cm22h, 3h/20dCommentary icon2015-(3)N.B. Rubtsova, S.Y. Perov, O.V. Belaya, E.V. Bogacheva
Favailable in PDFTumor promotion by exposure to radiofrequency electromagnetic fields below exposure limits for humansunknow freq. - (SAR 0.04-2 W/kg)24h/504dCommentary icon2015-(6)Alexander Lerchl , Melanie Klose, Karen Grote, Adalbert F.X. Wilhelm, Oliver Spathmann, Thomas Fiedler, Joachim Streckert, Volkert Hansen, Markus Clemens
Aavailable in HTMLPossible cause for altered spatial cognition of prepubescent rats exposed to chronic radiofrequency electromagnetic radiation900 MHz - (SAR 1.15 W/kg)1h/28dCommentary icon2015-(1)Sareesh Naduvil Narayanan, Raju Suresh Kumar, Kalesh M. Karun, Satheesha B. Nayak, P. Gopalakrishna Bhat
Aavailable in HTMLCognitive Impairment and Neurogenotoxic Effects in Rats Exposed to Low-Intensity Microwave Radiation900-1800-2450 MHz - (SAR 0.58-0.66 W/kg)-/180dCommentary icon2015-(1)Pravin Suryakantrao Deshmukh, Namita Nasare, Kanu Megha, Basu Dev Banerjee, Rafat Sultana Ahmed, Digvijay Singh, Mahesh Pandurang Abegaonkar, Ashok Kumar Tripathi, Pramod Kumari Mediratta
Favailable in PDFLow intensity microwave radiation induced oxidative stress, inflammatory response and DNA damage in rat brain900-1800-2450 MHz - (SAR 0.58-0.66 W/kg)2h/6dCommentary icon2015-(8)Kanu Megha, Pravin Suryakantrao Deshmukh, Basu Dev Banerjee , Ashok Kumar Tripathi, Rafat Ahmed, Mahesh Pandurang Abegaonkar
Favailable in PDF and HTMLInvestigation of the effects of distance from sources on apoptosis, oxidative stress and cytosolic calcium accumulation via TRPV1 channels induced by mobile phones and Wi-Fi in breast cancer cells900-1800-2450 MHz1h/1dCommentary icon2015-(10)Bilal Çiğ, Mustafa Nazıroğlu
Favailable in PDFThe Effect of EMF Radiation Emitted by Mobile Phone to Insect Population using Drosophila melanogaster as a Model Organism900-1800 MHz (GSM) - 2100 MHz (HDSPA 4G)24h/2dNo comments yet icon2015-(5)Ahmad Fauzi, Aloysius Duran Corebima
FA Challenging Issue in the Etiology of Speech Problems: The Effect of Maternal Exposure to Electromagnetic Fields on Speech Problems in the Offspring--Commentary icon2014-(4)S. Zarei, S.M.J. Mortazavi, A.R. Mehdizadeh, M. Jalalipour, S. Borzou, S. Taeb, M. Haghani, S.A.R. Mortazavi, M.B. Shojaei-fard, S. Nematollahi, N. Alighanbari, S. Jarideh
Favailable in PDF and HTMLEffects of fetal microwave radiation exposure on offspring behavior in mice (with some gender dependent effects)9.41 GHz - (SAR 2 W/kg)12h/15dCommentary icon2014-(8)Yanchun Zhang, Zhihui Li, Yan Gao, Chenggang Zhang
Favailable in PDF and HTMLEffects of millimeter wave irradiation and equivalent thermal heating on the activity of individual neurons in the leech ganglion60 GHz - 1-4 mW/cm21min/1dCommentary icon2014-(9)Sergii Romanenko, Peter H. Siegel, Daniel A. Wagenaar and Victor Pikov
Favailable in PDFChanges in mitochondrial functioning with electromagnetic radiation of ultra high frequency as revealed by electron paramagnetic resonance methods465 MHz (pulsed), 2450 MHz (CW)- 6 mW/cm217min, 15min/1dCommentary icon2014-(6)Anatoly Burlaka, Marina Selyuk, Marat Gafurov, Sergei Lukin, Viktoria Potaskalova, Evgeny Sidorik
Aavailable in HTMLApoptotic cell death during Drosophila oogenesis is differentially increased by electromagnetic radiation depending on modulation, intensity and duration of exposure100-900 MHz6min, 60min/1d, 6dCommentary icon2014-(1)Niki E. Sagioglou, Areti K. Manta, Ioannis K. Giannarakis, Aikaterini S. Skouroliakou, and Lukas H. Margaritis
Aavailable in HTML10 Ghz Microwaves Induced Biochemical, Learning and Memory Alterations in Swiss Albino Mice Brain10 GHz - 0.25 mW/cm2 (SAR 0.179 W/kg (body))2h/30dCommentary icon2014-(1)Archana Sharma, Rashmi Sisodia, Deepak Bhatnagar
Aavailable in HTMLThe in vivo effects of low-intensity radiofrequency fields on the motor activity of protozoa1-10 GHz - 0.005-0.05 mW/cm20.1-10h /1dCommentary icon2014-(1)Elena I. Sarapultseva, Julia V. Igolkina, Viktor N. Tikhonov, Yuri E. Dubrova
Aavailable in HTMLEffect of 950 MHz UHF electromagnetic radiation on biomarkers of oxidative damage, metabolism of UFA and antioxidants in the livers of young rats of different ages950 MHz - (SAR 1-1.3 W/kg)30min /27d, 36d, 51dCommentary icon2014-(1)Orlando V. Furtado-Filho, Juliana B. Borba, Alexsandro Dallegrave, Tânia M. Pizzolato, João A. P. Henriques, José C. F. Moreira, Jenifer Saffi
Favailable in PDFThe Effects of Low Power Microwaves at 500 MHz and 900 MHz on Yeast Cells Growth500-900 MHz - (SAR 0.12 W/kg (single cell)1-6h/1dCommentary icon2014-(4)Hamad S. Alsuhaim, Vuk Vojisavljevic , and Elena Pirogova
Aavailable in HTMLNanometer-scale elongation rate fluctuations in the Myriophyllum aquaticum (Parrot feather) stem were altered by radio-frequency electromagnetic radiation (plants)2 GHz - 0.142 mW/cm21h/1dCommentary icon2014-(1)Mudalige Don Hiranya Jayasanka Senavirathna, Takashi Asaeda, Bodhipaksha Lalith Sanjaya Thilakarathne, Hirofumi Kadonoa
Aavailable in HTMLShort-duration exposure to radiofrequency electromagnetic radiation alters the chlorophyll fluorescence of duckweeds (Lemna minor) (plants)2-8 GHz30min, 1h, 24h/1dCommentary icon2013-(1)Mudalige Don Hiranya Jayasanka Senavirathnaa, Asaeda Takashi, Yuichi Kimura
Favailable in PDFAnts can be used as bio-indicators to reveal biological effects of electromagnetic waves from some wireless apparatus (VERY INTERS. EFFECTS)various-Commentary icon2013-(7)Marie-Claire Cammaerts, Olle Johansson
Favailable in PDFMale reproductive health under threat: Short term exposure to radiofrequency radiations emitted by common mobile jammers-2h, 4h/1dNo comments yet icon2013-(6)S.M.J Mortazavi, M.E. Parsanezhad , M. Kazempour , P. Ghahramani, A.R. Mortazavi, M. Davari
Aavailable in HTMLInfluence of electromagnetic fields on reproductive system of male rats10 GHz - 0.21 mW/c2 (SAR 0.014 W/kg)2h/45dCommentary icon2013-(1)Sanjay Kumar, J. Behari, Rashmi Sisodia
Favailable in PDFDrosophila oogenesis as a bio-marker responding to EMF sourcesvarious (GSM, DECT, WI-FI, etc.)6-30min/ 3-7dCommentary icon2013-(1)Lukas H. Margaritis, Areti K. Manta, Konstantinos D. Kokkaliaris, Dimitra Schiza, Konstantinos Alimisis, Georgios Barkas, Eleana Georgiou, Olympia Giannakopoulou, Ioanna Kollia, Georgia Kontogianni, Angeliki Kourouzidou, Angeliki Myari, Fani Roumelioti, Aikaterini Skouroliakou, Vasia Sykioti, Georgia Varda, Konstantinos Xenos, Konstantinos Ziomas
Aavailable in HTMLWi-Fi (2.45 GHz)- and Mobile Phone (900 and 1800 MHz)-Induced Risks on Oxidative Stress and Elements in Kidney and Testis of Rats During Pregnancy and the Development of Offspring900-1800-2450 MHz1h/42d + pregnancyCommentary icon2013-(25)Alper Özorak, Mustafa Nazıroğlu, Ömer Çelik, Murat Yüksel, Derviş Özçelik, Mehmet Okan Özkaya, Hasan Çetin, Mehmet Cemal Kahya, Seyit Ali Kose
Favailable in PDFIonizing and non‐ionizing radiation and the risk of childhood cancer – illustrated with domestic radon and radio frequency electromagnetic field exposure--Commentary icon2013- (164)Dimitri Daniel Haur
Aavailable in HTMLReactive oxygen species elevation and recovery in Drosophila bodies and ovaries following short-term and long-term exposure to DECT base EMF1.88-1.90 GHz - (SAR 0.008 W/kg)0.5h, 1h, 6h, 24h, 96hCommentary icon2013-(1)Areti K. Manta, Dimitrios J. Stravopodis, Issidora S. Papassideri, and Lukas H. Margaritis
Favailable in HTML and EpubDetection of low level microwave radiation induced deoxyribonucleic acid damage vis-à-vis genotoxicity in brain of fischer rats900-800-2450 MHz - (SAR 0.0006 W/kg)2h/30dCommentary icon2013-(8)Pravin Suryakantrao Deshmukh, Kanu Megha, Basu Dev Banerjee, Rafat Sultana Ahmed, Sudhir Chandna, Mahesh Pandurang Abegaonkar, Ashok Kumar Tripathi
Favailable in PDFSwedish review strengthens grounds for concluding that radiation from cellular and cordless phones is a probable human carcinogen--No comments yet icon2013-(7)Devra Lee Davis, Santosh Kesari, Colin L. Soskolne, Anthony B. Miller, Yael Stein
Aavailable in HTMLRevealing Small Hidden Changes in Human EEG by Higuchi’s Fractal Dimension450 MHz (40-70 Hz modulated)(1 min off, 1 min on)
Commentary icon2012-(1)M. Bachmann, A. Suhhova, J. Lass, H. Hinrikus
Favailable in PDFRelationship between Cognition Function and Hippocampus Structure after Long-term Microwave Exposureunknow freq. - 2.5-5-10 mW/cm2 (SAR 1.05-2.1-4.2 W/kg)6min/30dCommentary icon2012-(7)Li Zhao, Rui Yum Peng, Ming Shui Wang, Li Feng Wang, Ya Bing Gao, Ji Dong, Xiang Li, Zhen Tao Su
Aavailable in HTMLBiochemical Changes in Rat Brain Exposed to Low Intensity 9.9 GHz Microwave Radiation9.9 GHz - 0.125 mW/cm2 (SAR 1 W/kg)2h/35dCommentary icon2012-(1)R. Paulraj, J. Behari
Aavailable in HTMLEnzymatic alterations in developing rat brain cells exposed to a low-intensity 16.5 GHz microwave radiation16.5 GHz2h/35dCommentary icon2012-(1)R. Paulraj, J. Behari
Favailable in PDFInsight into the biological effects of non-ionizing radiation through the properties of the electromagnetic waves35 MHz – 3 GHz (environment)6min, 30min, 1h, 24h/4d, 6d, 20dCommentary icon2012-(12)A. S. Skouroliakou, N. E. Sagioglou, A. F. Fragopoulou, I. K. Giannarakis, A. K. Manta , M. P. Ntzouni, L. H. Margaritis
Favailable in PDFParametric mechanism of excitation of the electroencephalographic rhythms by modulated microwave radiation450 MHz (7-70 Hz modulated) - 0.16 mW/cm2-Commentary icon2011-(9)Hiie Hinrikus, Maie Bachmann, and Jaanus Lass
Favailable in PDFEffect of microwave radiation on human EEG at two different levels of exposure450 MHz (SAR 0.003-0.303 W/kg (1g))(1 min off, 1 min on)
x10 /1d
Commentary icon2011-(11)Anna Suhhova, Maie Bachmann, Deniss Karai, Jaanus Lass, Hiie Hinrikus



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